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64bit or 32bit Scope installation ?

Scope can be installed on 64bit operating systems or 32bit operating systems. Depending on which operating system version you installed on your computer you need to install the same version of a Scope. Meaning if you have 64bit operating system you need to install 64bit scope. 

When I download or receive a product from SC website I see a different zip archives. Some mention 32bit while others mention 64bit. What is this?

This means that if you installed 64bit Scope version on 64bit operating system then you need to install 64bit version of a plugin.

Same rule applies to 32bit versions.

Please always check product system requirements and general notes.

NOTE: Files with .sys extensions (example: tapeDelay64.sys) – need to be carefully installed depending on OS version. Usually a 64bit version of a plugin offers a .sys file which is supposed to be installed for 64 bit operating system. Example: C:\Program Files\SCOPE XITE\App\Sys

While 32bit version (x86) offers their version of .sys files and they are supposed to be installed on 32bit operating system.

Updated on December 2, 2021

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